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Expert in Mineral Insulated Cables (MIC) for extreme applications

Our Mineral Insulated Cables, as thermpocouples, measuring elements and heating cables are manufactured for european and worldwide customers in accordance with the most  demanding quality standards (IEC 584, ASTM E230-93, BS4937/4, NFC 42-321, Gost)
Depending on the customer´s request, one or more conductors well insulated with mineral ceramic powder can be condensed in a metal sheath. In general this sheath is anticorrosive.

Standard version see  Unsere Produkte Our Products
Nature outer sheaths see  Technische Daten Technical Characteristics

If necessary, the specific characteristics for final use can be specified by the customer.
If wished, we are at your disposal to advise you in defining the parameters of the sheath.
Our sophisticated products are used in sectors as diverse as:

- Construction of Nuclear-Reactor
- Exchanger and heat treatment furnace
- Textile Industry
- Food Industry
- Aircraft, ship and Submarine building


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